This is only a single room that is located by our reception area. It has the largest windows meaning pets with a love of sunlight will feel right at home while also being in a quiet part of the Pet Resort.

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Economy Suites

We offer 27 Economy rooms, each 4' x 6' in size.  They include a raised bed, overhead fans, bowls, toys, and a blanket if your furry friend doesn't have their own. 

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Luxury Suite

We have 6 "room with a view" rooms. Each are 6' x 9' in size and are a bit more upscale with windows that allow your furry friend to watch all the doggy drama outside. They also boast a quieter setting for larger, more nervous pets.

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Serenity Suite

We maintain 4 of these rooms that are located  near our reception area. Being up front means they are quiet and serene for smaller pets that need a bit more monitoring.