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Pets can sense our emotions, so when dropping off your little guy or gal, we ask that you try not to be emotional - remember they are going on vacation also. In a matter of minutes they are going to be having a great time and get a heap of TLC as well. 

​When returning your pet will be anxious to be home. Try not to give too much food or water immediately. This could cause an upset stomach.

Allow your pet several hours to settle back into their usual routine and home.

If your pet seems overly tired - remember they have had a lot of excitement during vacation and will need to catch up on rest. 

We will provide your pet with the best care and treat them as our own. They will be under constant supervision but just like children they can get hurt or become sick in a short amount of time. Island Pet Resort will not be held responsible for any injury, illness, or death. We will seek medical attention immediately or do what is necessary to provide the best care for your pet. 

Quick Tips for Boarding and Daycare

Welcome New Guests!

Please save and print the forms before bringing in your furry friends. If unable, a form can be provided at time of drop off.

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