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​​A Boarding Agreement form is required to be filled out and signed for new guests before their arrival concerning their reservation date. Forms may be pick up at our building or may be printed from our Welcome page.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept Pitbulls for boarding or grooming. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Please let us know if you are not able to keep your reservation within 24 hours of your stay. We realize last minute changes occur, but we do have many guests that we need to accommodate. 

We reserve the right to move your pet to an Economy room if they are destructive in their previously assigned Luxury or Serenity suite. 

Guests are provided two meals a day. We feed Pedigree brand food. However, you are welcome to bring your own if your pet has food allergies, a digestive disorder, or prefers another brand of food. 

You are welcome to bring something from home if it will make your pet more comfortable. However, Island Pet Resort will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction of personal items left with guest. 

You are welcome to drop off anytime during office hours. Full day charges are applied. Check out time is 1:30 PM. If you pick up after 1:30 PM then you will be charged for the day of pick-up. 

Required vaccinations:

    - Rabies (for pets six months or older)

    - Distemper/Parvo

    - Bordetella

    - Flea preventative

We reserve the right to deny pets lacking proof of vaccinations and/or displaying signs of a contagious illness or aggressive behavior.

Extra handling fees may also apply to extremely difficult or aggressive pets that require additional staff and time to deliver proper care. 

All medications must be in original container with dosage on label. We will follow instructions unless specified otherwise.

Island Pet Resort will take necessary precautions for your pet's safety and health - but will not be responsible for any injury, illness, or death of any animals.

If emergency care is needed, we will try and contact your vet first. Yet, if they are unavailable we will seek assistance from the vet on duty.

Please leave us with an emergency contact number before you leave when dropping off your pet. 

Pet owners will be responsible for any medical expenses necessary. 

​​Boarding Terms and Conditions 

About Us

     Island Pet Resort was designed to offer our guests a relaxing, clean, and safe environment to visit while the need to be away from home is necessary. 

    Care and  comfort matter to us as much as it matters to you and your pets. When you’re away, we don’t want you to have the slightest worry – though we’re sure your treasured companions will stay in your thoughts.

     We encourage socialization, therefore we match up personalities and keep an eye on your furry little friends during playtime. Yet, this is for owner approved pets only. Individual playtime will be given upon discretion of parents. 

     Each of our guests are let out of their room, to go outside and stretch their legs, around every 2 - 3 hours.

    Our facility is designed like a human resort and we want our guests to feel comfortable upon arrival. Our schedule is very routine so our guests can adjust quickly. 

     Thank you for choosing Island Pet Resort for your pet(s). They will definitely appreciate the extra attention you have chosen for them.